Sex dolls become a part of the mainstream

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What is an iDollator?

An iDollator is a person who finds love, companionship, and sexual release with a sex doll. In the past, used sex dolls for sale were seen as a part of a taboo subject area but they have now moved into the mainstream as part of a thriving subculture that is sweeping across the world. The subject of documentaries and scientific papers by psychoanalysts, the relationships between humans and dolls is an area of relationships many experts believe will grow over the coming years and become a normal part of human life.

The overriding view of the sex doll culture is of a group of men indulging their sexual fantasies with a synthetic doll. In the 1990s, the use of silicon changed the direction of the production of sex dolls forever with shock jock, Howard Stern helping popularize these dolls by claiming to have had sex with a doll live on his radio show.

Howard Stern at his most shocking enjoying the charms of an early silicon sex doll appeared to buy into the common view of these creations being something deviant. However, a recent documentary about the relationships between men and their sex doll partners included the work of a leading U.S. psychoanalyst is the latest serious look at the subject. The analyst stated her interest in the subject was piqued when one of her clients revealed the girlfriend he had discussed for many sessions was actually a sex doll.

What shocked the psychoanalyst the most was the deep level of attachment and emotion each individual has found with the companionship enjoyed with their sex doll. Upon viewing the documentary, the shocking part for many has been the fact a number of the men spending their lives as iDollators do not regularly have intercourse with their doll. Instead, they choose to spend their lives enjoying a deep friendship and gain the companionship they have failed to achieve with a living partner.

sex doll kinkLooking at the way the world is changing, the relationships being formed between humans and dolls will soon become a new kind of normal. For many men, problems in previous relationships and the inability to form a connection to a living partner drive them to find attention in the arms of a doll. The times we live in are changing the way we look at relationships and our own sexual desires with individualism taking over as the most important part of life. As this sense of exploring your own desires and relationships continues to build and pushes formerly taboo practices to the mainstream, the sight of human and doll relationships may be one we will see on a regular basis.

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