Human and doll marriage becomes a mainstream option

sex doll weddingWe often hear about the normalization of sexual taboos in a negative way, but for many, their sexual inclinations and fantasies are something they cannot help. In recent years we have seen news reports about a man from Texas who used paper to try and fulfill his fantasy of seeing women sneeze.

For years we have heard about the issue of voyeurs and those who would steal the underwear of women from laundromats and washing lines. However, sex dolls rentals are often less problematic and are simply a way of fulfilling a harmless fantasy.

One area that has recently found fame across the Internet and various parts of the media is that of lifelike sex dolls and the men who form relationships with these mannequins. We say men because the vast majority of those who have reported spending their private life with a doll is largely male and the majority of manufacturers are catering to a male customer base. This is the latest area of a previously taboo subject that we can look back at and identify as entering the mainstream as a new kind of normal.

Way back in the days of “The Jerry Springer Show” a man married his sex doll onstage, but many men have followed suit to marry their dolls and form a long-lasting relationship.

The main reason why the use of a sex doll has not become a normal part of sexual life is the outdated image of these dolls which were once only seen as blowup dolls more commonly used as jokes than to form a close relationship. As the lifelike nature of sex dolls has improved so have the number of people who are looking to take part in this area of sexual relationships.

Many have chosen to marry their dolls and form relationships close to those seen between two humans regardless of the ability of the doll to come to life.

The ability of the user to design their own sex doll alongside a designer has seen this become a major area of growth among the people of the world. As the number of those deciding to share their lives with a sex doll has grown, the number of people willing to reveal their identity to the public has also increased. Regular meetups are now organized by support groups Online for sex doll enthusiasts who are looking to share more than simple maintenance tips. Instead, individuals can come together to discuss makeup and styling tips as they look for the best ways of creating a doll with as many lifelike attributes as possible.

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