Sex Dolls Are The Future

realistic sex dolls

The latest advances made in sex dolls have allowed those who are now known as iDollators to enjoy the company of women without the issues of living partners.

Sex dolls have become more lifelike than ever before because of new materials making these doll companions feel like living people. Overall, society is changing to allow sexual fantasies previously seen as taboo enter the mainstream as part of popular culture.

Despite more and more people choosing to live their lives in the company of one or more sex doll, the decision to design your own woman is not a new idea. In fact, some experts have argued the idea of crafting the appearance of a woman to suit our needs dates back to the Greek myth of “Pygmalion”. If you don’t know the story of “Pygmalion” it is a myth where a sculptor creates a statue of his perfect woman and falls in love with the inanimate object. Some experts believe the story originally detailed the sexual nature of the relationship between the sculptor and the statue before he prays to the Greek Gods for the stone artwork to become a real woman. His prayers answered the sculptor lives a happy life with his ideal woman.

sex dolls for saleThe story of “Pygmalion” sounds familiar to those of us who have chosen to invest in sex dolls online that means more than simply being used to fulfill our sexual fantasies. “Pygmalion” is a myth but the use of sex dolls have been dotted through history by some of the world’s best-known artists. Way back in 1916, the Hungarian artist, Oskar Kokoschka was so upset at being jilted by his lover, pianist Alma Mahler that he asked her dressmaker to create a life-sized model of her. This was followed by the work of Salvador Dali in the 1930s who produced mannequins in compromising positions as part of his surrealist artwork.

Most experts in sexual fantasies and taboo sex agree the use of silicon to create more lifelike sex dolls has been the main reasons for the increase in the market.

These dolls replaced the blowup sex dolls of the 1960s we have all seen and have given away as joke gifts to celebrate birthdays and engagements. The real feel of silicon and the ability of the individual to create a version of the female or male form they desire the most have allowed the sex doll to become a major part of the mainstream sex industry.

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